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~ Friday, April 13 ~

BEATICK (Drowning Ver.) - A Dave Strider Fanmix


  1. Distant Industries - ONE ARC DEGREE
  2. Whale Song - Lung
  3. Cryogenic Dreams - Phutureprimitive
  4. Zeromachine - Atra Aeterna
  5. Parks On Fire - Trifonic
  6. Drugi Brzeg - Undermathic
  7. Winter - Mr Fijiwiji
  8. Sunrise - Day One

This is a softer reimagining of my previous fanmix, BEATICK, which I’ve been meaning to pull together for a while now. The art is by stridork, who was kind enough to let me use it - go check them out! There are no bonus tracks this time around, so what you see is what you get. I hope you like it!

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